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Basic Lifeskills Training Soundroom

The Langley Basic Lifeskills Training (BLT) Program is a safe place for youth (ages 14-21) living with mental health challenges, to meet and build skills through support, education and recreation. We strive to empower youth, promote healing and foster healthy social connections.

BLT offers:

1. Support to Youth Living with Mental Health challenges: provides individual outreach and group support to youth 14-21 and offers:

  • storefront Langley location
  • lifeskills training for transition, employment and independent living
  • communication, conflict, and relationship skill development

2. Summer Challenge Program provides scheduled recreational activities and events for youth ages 14-18 to explore interests and have fun while learning:

  • self-awareness
  • fitness and safety skills
  • friendship and team skills
  • how to recognize and manage emotions
  • how to handle differences and conflict

Since 2011 we are partnering with 1Rock and are offering a therapeutic arts program in our very own BLT sound room. It provides youth with opportunities to explore and be creative. Youth are involved in cutting edge music, arts and recreational activities which engage and support them.